Happy Art

"Happy Art" Deyim Art Gallery will be at its new branch at Nisantasi with the first exhibition organized with Eden Gallery’s Artists. Deyim Art Gallery serving the art world for many years, will be with us at its new branch with a new concept. Deyim Art Gallery that targets to cooperate with national and international artists, will organize the first exhibition with some of Eden Gallery’s artists. Eden Gallery that has several branches at USA, like at San Diego and New York, serves international artists and the art market. Although the exhibition of the four foreign artists reminds us the Pop Art Movement, the techniques used in their work is completely different. At the exhibition, we will find the legendary faces that we know from Andy Warhol’s paintings with different methods. Some of the unforgetable celebrities like Michael Jackson, Charlie Chaplin are painted with a new skill like cake decorating. Some works are accomplished with lacquer technique that reminds us the old china art tradition. Instead of habitual statues standing on the pedestals, statues with vibrant colors , displayed hanged on the walls will leave happy expressions on our faces. Here are some of Eden Gallery artists who will show us a different dimension of the contemporary and current art: Calman Shemi was born in Argentina in 1939, sculptor and painter. Through sculpture he developed the idea of the “soft painting” painting medium in 1977. He also constructed sculpture made of bronze for the decks of the various ships. The artist has done so by devoloping two unique techniques of paintings his “lacquer paintings” and window painting”. During the last eighteen years Calman Shemi has held more then seventy one- man-show in the U.S., France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Japan and Israel David Kracov was born in Boston in 1968. He is one of the youngest artist in the world to have his paintings displayed in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. İn 1990 began his animation career in Los Angeles, then he went on to work with Disney Animation and also he worked for several specal effects studios for many feature films. During his time as an animator he discovered his passion for sculpting. Today David Kracov is the worldwide exclusive licensed sculpturer of Warner Bros, Looney Tunes, Hanna-Barbera, Betty Boop; Peanuts and Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride characters. Dganit Blechner was born in Tel-Aviv İsrael in 1957. By 1980 she had immersed herself in study Camera Obscura of Visual Arts in Tel-Aviv. İn 1984 Dganit embarked on a more then two decade career in graphic design. Her unique style and new technique combine many different visual source in to very coşorful and personal art work. Starting with her series exploring celebrities, dganit puts a new spin on popular American Culture. Natan Elkanovich Born at 1966 in Moldavia (former U.S.S.R.). Natan migrated to Israel with his family in 1976. Natan earned his BFA in Fashion Design at the Shenkar School of Engineering and Design in Tel- Aviv. Since graduation, he is working as a senior costume designer for the Israeli Motion Picture & Television industry. In 2003 he won the Israeli equivalent of the Emmi award for best costume design in Television. In 2005 he won the coveted Ophir, the Israeli equivalent of the Oscar award for best costume design in Film. In 1999 he staged his first drawing exhibition: Spilt milk at the Amaliya Arbel Gallery in Tel-Aviv. In 2002 he was a finalist of the ArtLink@Sotheby`s International Young Art Program, in which he is considered to be one of the most saleable artists. Natan took part in Frankfurt`s Art Fair of 2002 & 2003 and in New-York`s Art-Expo in 2003&2006. He also exhibited at the Jeff Strikhoff Gallery in New-York and in a group exhibition at Rosenfeld Gallery in Tel-Aviv In 2004 his USA Flag series were exhibited at the Dot FiftyOne Gallery in Miami, USA in a unique art exhibition featuring the works of world wide artists, based on the colors and the spirit of the American Flag. In 2005 he exhibited in a group show at Ramat-Gan Museum and in a group exhibition of Israeli artists at the residence of the Israeli Ambassador in London, UK. In 2006 Natan was invited to exhibit at the Simic New Renaissance Galleries in Scottsdale,Arizona & Palm-Desert,California. In resent years, he has exhibited and sold dozens of paintings in Israel, Europe & USA. In the My Icons series, he has painted portraits of famous people, which influenced his life deeply, and had a long lasting impact on him, through their influence on philosophy and popular culture. By painting them, Natan expresses his respect to them and cherish their great impact on his world, and in his words: "In this series I paint famous people that had a deep impact in my life and contributed heavily, as my parents and teachers, to my spiritual world and world view. These people were my 'babysitters', and by painting them now, I express, without the slightest hint of cynicism, my great appreciation and endless thanks to them for building my inner world. I would like to point out that unlike Andy Warhol - which painted celebrities in order to reflect for the masses their shallowness by pursuing fame and famous persona, and that at first glance my works are comparable to his – my paintings all come from great appreciation and my personal gratitude to the painted figure, and not out of trying to eduate or preach any message other than love." In the Album Paintings series, he expresses yearning to his early years. He manages to re-capture vague childhood memories that have been clouded by the passage of time. He depicts himself in portraits with his family in various situations. In the Me & Friends series, he has painted himself and his closest friends. In the On the Catwalk series he paints subjects close to his professional world such as Models at work. In the Humanism series, he depicts a man who epitomizes all he holds dear in mankind, and these humanistic elements are brought to light by the quotations incorporated into his paintings of Proverb: 7. In the Tel-Aviv streets series, Natan has painted portraits of the persons, which the streets in the quarter he lives, are called after. Aside from Natan`s honest content and Pop-Art form, it is worth noting his innovative technique, which he has developed over the past years, that combines Acrylic, Silicone & Mix-Media on Canvas, to create a textural surface reflecting his interest and professional connection with the world of fabric, textile, color & Image. Natan Elkanovich`s work, honestly reflects his belief in the goodness of humanity and the sanctity of the tight-knit family unit. In his drawings, by means of paint and technique, he expresses his aspiration to march forward in the new Millennium, with all its novelties, to appreciate the past, not to cry over spilt milk, to see the goodness in each human being, and most of all, to love, for love, in his opinion, is the most important thing in life.